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Hey all,
Here's a sci-fi soldier in action, created to promote CG Cookie in 3D Artist issue 96. More renders can be seen here:

  • Status: Final
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    Kyle Blaine

    This is so cool. I love how he's mid-vault, perhaps chasing down some highly-dangerous augmented terrorist across rooftops?

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    not sure if you know , but it resembles a refined version of the character from Gameloft's Nova 3

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    Jonathan Lampel

    Thank you! Yes, created in Blender.

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    Always loved CGcookie creations and soldiers and sci fi and sci fi soldiers, look at that This is all and more of what I like :D AWESOME I LOVE IT! Created by blender?

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    Archsider Sub

    holy WOW O_O

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    Good Stuff, man! Really feeling the dynamic action and story here!

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    Matthew Fricker

    This is very good :) I love it!

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