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This is probably everywhere :P
Here is a demo video:

you can read more at:

  • Status: Final
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    Kent Trammell

    Oh my stars, this is sooo appealing to me. Awesome work!

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    Ayoub M

    Thanks Kent! it means a lot coming from you :D

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    Robert Harris

    Wonderful character!

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    Mark Smith

    way cool...
    I like it a bunch...

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    Cody Winchester

    Fantastic work. Really great.

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    Stanley Leland

    Congratulations. Well deserved. I especially like the textures and expression.

  • c

    you are so good

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    Ayoub M

    Thank you guys for the awesome comments :D

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    cute crusty boy

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    Perry Harmon

    Love it, especially the colors and lighting.

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