back Cute Baby Dinosaur

This is probably everywhere :P
Here is a demo video:

you can read more at:

  • Status: Final
  • MarkE Raymond

    This baby's cute and is dripping of personality. If any criticism my eye is having difficulty separating the white bottom of mouth from the white chest. Though the shadow does break the flow of took me a few moments for my eyes separate the mouth from the chest. That is me just picking as I find this guy to be adorable and likable.

  • Arian Shamil

    This is SO nice! amazing job :)

  • Large
    LJ Simpson

    Oh so sweet! Beautiful.

  • Large

    Dude, I found this today - Made me smile all day!
    Amazing piece of work - Breathtaking.

  • Shantal. B

    :D He is just too cute

  • cgclock

    OMG, it is so cute! ;)

  • Large
    Ayoub M

    Wow! that wasnt expected, thank you for the loves guys :D
    keep blending ^_^

  • Large
    Forrest Harless

    Awesome work!!
    Love the iconic look. Very cute!!

  • Perry Harmon

    Love it, especially the colors and lighting.

  • Large
    Ayoub M

    Thank you guys for the awesome comments :D