back Vintage kitchen - Isometric

Vintage kitchen - Isometric

  • Status: Final
  • LJ Simpson

    Sweeet! Absolutely beautiful Jose.

  • mmma mmma


  • crew
    Kent Trammell

    WOW. Simply gorgeous. You know your way around a shader, Jose. 👏

  • lucasblender

    Love it! Great job :)

  • sintelcookie

    This would be a perfect project for a tutorial on modeling and materials !

  • Matt Dickun

    The warm lighting makes it feel inviting.

  • Thomas Robb

    WOW! Love it!

  • Clayton Sjoerdsma

    Intensive amount of detail!! Great job!

  • Qingqing Liu

    I wish I have this kitchen. Great job.

  • mseddon

    Absolutely beautiful. The attention to detail is staggering!