back The Land Ironclads

I've tried to keep it as close to the HG Wells story as possible - his 1903 written piece predicted the future of mechanised warfare.
I'm not totally happy with the lighting and composition so any critique is very welcome.

  • Status: Final
  • lordgert

    baukepost the machine materials were done in substance painter so no fancy node setups I'm afraid... the ground was pure blender, part image part procedural

  • Large
    Bauke Post

    Awesome materials, could you post your node setup for the metal?

  • Large

    Yeah, the HG Wells books were a lot closer to steam punk than most of the movies turned out to be.
    Understandable given the time he was writing.

    Piston looking feet as wheels work well for this motif.

    The strong browns and reds gives this more of a Martian feeling than that of Earth.

    I like the horseman, and he's doing about as well as cavalry against a tank, but given the detail of the battle trains the human, in particular, seems a little Team America rubbery.