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I've made this artwork together with my friend Larissa Docolas, who made the concept art and gave me a lot of feedback along the process to improve the work. I really like her style and was really great produce such artwork like this.

I used the concept art of Larissa as a reference to modeling the basic proportions of the body and after that I start tweak with the sculpt tools. To create the clothers I separate especific parts of the body and extract then and start modeling from this, adding some details. I used the multiresolution modifier to sculpt the wrinkles and drapery on the clothes. For the hair I used six particle systems, hair base, fringe, hair locks, ponytail, eyelashes and eyebrows. I posed her with the human meta-rig. I rendered using the Blender Internal, I didn't use "strand render" for the hair, except for the eyelashes and eyebrows. Some of the texture was created all by me from scratch. Like the skin texture and the octopus on her t-shirt.

Hope you like!

  • Status: Final
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    Paul Guevara

    Nice work! Great sculpting and render :)

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    Gabriel Garcia

    Excellent work, love it!

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    Charles Ituah

    really nice work

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    Felix Genn

    I love the swag octopus. amazing art nonetheless weather or not that nice touch was added in

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    its beautiful

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    Katerina Novakova

    Fantastic work, I love everything about it. The amount of detail is insane! All the little folds in the clothing and the buttons of the jacket and the laces! Oh, the laces are just incredible. It is like an artistic feast. Every time you think you've seen all of it you notice another neat detail. Very well done and certainly deserving all the love it's been getting.

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