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I recently made this grenade launcher after watching the gun modelling course and even though I am kind of satisfied with the result. I wanted the gun to be more realistic. If anyone is looking at my art and find a way to improve it or something that I can fix please comment it! I will greatly appreciate it. thank you :)

  • Status: Work in Progress
  • luis vasquez

    jlampel thank you for the comment I really appreciate your feedback. Sorry for taking too long to answer I didn't see it until know

  • crew
    Jonathan Lampel

    Nice! I really like this style. For more realism, try adding a human hand model to the scene and using that to gauge the size of each piece. Based on how big the trigger is, I would guess that the stock would need to be a little longer, the screws smaller, and the sights knob smaller.

    Anyway, glad you got something cool out of the course. Keep up the good work!

  • luis vasquez

    baukepost is alright I know what you mean know. I will try it out to see how it looks :)

  • Bauke Post

    lluicho I mean the extrusions that go inwards on the cilinder, but it's just my opinion :)

  • luis vasquez

    baukepost thank you for the advise! you mean the edges?

  • Bauke Post

    That looks nice, but I would make the insets in the cilinder a bit more round.