back "Attica is Burning" + Hoplite shield tutorial

Hello friends! This is an artwork accompanying my very first tutorial I created for Blender and Substance Painter.

It is a 3 part course where I create the Aspis shield asset from scratch, using Blender and Substance Painter:

Introduction -

Overview -

Reference -

Blender -

Substance -

Rendering -

Gumroad Package:

I welcome any feedback, so that I know what to improve next time! :-)

  • Status: Final
  • Martin Klekner

    sshiennar Oh, wow, thank you! There'll be more :-)

  • Katerina Novakova

    The artwork is stunning and the tutorials seem to be exactly what I've been looking for workflow-wise. I'll be watching the full series for sure (I've seen the first two so far) but you've already got a new subscriber and I hope you'll be able to make more of these tutorials in the future.

  • Martin Klekner

    aarslavruhin Thank you! :-)

  • Arseny Lavrukhin

    Fantastic work! I like it!