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Today is a great day for me. After many weeks of work and several tutorials I went through, I was finally able to put together a final render of my personal project "Droid #1177485464".
I used these tutorials to learn the techniques:
- Modeling a Sci-Fi Helmet
- Texturing and Shading a Sci-Fi Helmet
- The Blender & Substance Texturing Workflow
- Intro to Retopology with the RetopoFlow Add-on
- Modeling a Robot Game Character with Blender

I used Blender for the base model and Substance Designer for the final texturing.

Now, onto putting this bad boy into a scene...

  • Status: Final
  • Christiano Rezende

    Congrats, man! Finishing a project like this one is indeed a great achievement. Really impressive!

  • crew
    Kent Trammell

    Looking at this again. I totally see it chasing down jedi on an emperial starship.

  • Forrest Harless

    This is incredible work!!! Super impressive!!!

  • João Paulo Lacerda

    Amazing job, congratulations!

  • Martin Klekner

    theluthier thanks Kent, its great to hear, especially from you :-)

  • crew
    Kent Trammell

    WOW! Brilliant job martinklekner! And I love that you listed the courses you learned from to create this. Thanks for watching and sharing!

  • Matt Dickun

    It is slightly dark, but the model itself looks really cool.

  • Martin Klekner

    gguna Thank you! :-)

  • Martin Klekner

    jlampel Oh, right, now I see I went a little too far when trying to make him look scary. I will make him brighter in the next render, when I put the model in a scene Im creating ;-)

  • Guna Kasa

    I love this a lot! Soooo good!!! :-)