back Yoda 3.0

A new Yoda update! He is now rigged, and I have a solid system in place for creating the cloth sims. The test animation is a recreation from a scene in episode 3, and the sound comes from that scene as well. The plan now is to further polish and optimize everything and try a couple more animations until everything is solid! :)
Made with blender, and the textures painted by hand in substancepainter.

  • Status: Work in Progress
  • mattiaslind93

    sshiennar Thank you!:) It's been a little back and forth for about a year, but if I would compress the time, 8h a day, it would be a little over a month I think. Yeah, one day I might make some kind of tutorial! Thanks again for the compliments! :D

  • Katerina Novakova

    Wow indeed! I love how much further you pushed it from the previous version (which was already amazing). How long have you been working on this project? Oh, and if you wanted to share any of your secret tips on cloth sim and SP texturing, I'd be more than happy to learn, master.

  • Julian B


  • crew
    Jonathan Lampel

    Nice work, I love the reenactment!

  • Miranda van Elst

    Wow, he looks awesome! :-D