back Fan in sci-fi style

Hard surface model to improve my skills

Fan in sci-fi style

  • Status: Final
  • Matt Renna

    This is incredible! I could admire the details forever.

  • n647

    This looks amazing, such nice detail with the coper wire and the internals

  • masterxeon1001

    awesome! #proud #hardops

  • morgtus

    tbrbn thanks for opinion :-) i try remember about it in next project :-)

  • morgtus

    xellis Few days after few hours, in total about 26 hours+ half day to add materials and made renders

  • David Köhler

    thats cool how long did it take to be made?

  • Miranda van Elst

    This looks amazing! so much details :)

  • Thibaut Bourbon

    Sweet! Great modeling, I really like the details effort. I think the shading could be enhanced: some are really really great like the copper tubes, and some look a little bit too "default principled shader" like the main grey and orange part: you could improve the roughness and normal maps perhaps so it better fits with the really good others shaders :) anyhow, great work!