back Thug weapon-Dishonored fanart

Model-based on Jean-Luc Monnet's concept for the Dishonored game. I used Blender for base mesh, retopology, and UV unwrapping. Zbrush for high poly details and Substance painter for materials. It's my first approach to PBR, I’m very happy with results

  • Status: Final
  • Piotr Bystry

    rrpbcacueaiibh Hi, thanks for your feedback. I understand that correct weld is looking differently, but it wasn't my intention to do perfect weld. Make note it is an improvised weapon, made from the broken item. I think someone who did weapon from old, broken scissors, hadn't skill or proper welding equipment to make it clean, and perfect like today's welding machines do.

  • rpbcacueaiibh

    Wow that's a really crap welding... (not the model, the model is great, but I bet you never welded...) A good weld is far smoother then that... do an image search for nice welds on google...

  • Paul Haynes

    Very nice job.

  • Large
    Jere Haapaharju

    Oh my the details