back Star Trek Phaser

Another attempt of a weapon. Less complex this time.

High poly: Finished

Now: Materials and weathering.

  • Status: Work in Progress
  • nomthewise

    n3b Everyting in blender. I've used basic nodes for almost everythinng.
    For the corners weathering I've used the typical Geometry->pointness->color ramp.
    The numbers are done with Affinity designer.
    The other textures are grimes, dust from character courses here at CGC.

    Here with some filters, looking better:

  • Goose Gosling

    n3b Good, is what I intended on saying... the phaser looks good.

  • Goose Gosling

    This phaser is looking so far! Did you create the materials in blender or with other software like Substance Painter?