back Unity Game : Astro Blast - Asteroids Clone

Just a quick asteroids clone made for my 1 game a month challenge :)
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  • Status: Final
  • Darren McBain

    tis indeed, and some Kenney assets.
    had to rattle a small game out in a couple of weeks. so dint have the knowhow then, to rattle out assets and reinvent the wheel :)

  • Arie de W

    Isn't that the background from Unity's space shooter tutorial? :D

  • Darren McBain

    Sort of, just started doing this

    seemed a good way of getting me out of the habit of having a hard drive full of partially completed projects.
    keep it small, tight and get it out in the wild within a month timescale

  • crew
    Wes Burke

    What a cool way to pump out some games under your belt. Is this a personal challenge?

  • Darren McBain

    Cheers for giving it a go.
    it was one of the first ones I done last year, for making 1 game every month for a year.
    so trying to juggle work / home to get it crammed into a few weeks.

    getting the screen wrapping working correctly was the main thing i was interested in getting to grips with, and seems to work.

    going to update my git repo, eventually and have all the source avaiable for people to rip apart.

  • crew
    Jonathan Lampel

    Nice job Darren, that was fun to play! I didn't last very long though 😄