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Another character in the collection. Someday, I'll learn.

  • Status: Final

    ddmytrod Tthanks for the advice

  • Dmytro

    The exection looks very good to me. But I think the design and presentation could benefit from a few adjustments:
    - the metal band around the elbow is too tight now, it will severely limit the ability to bend his arm;
    - the gap on the side of the cuirasse is too large (generally, the front and back side should overlap);
    - the sword looks way too massive, consider making it thinner. Also, is he carrying it in his hands all the time? A scabbard wouldn't hurt ;)
    - the first psot is pretty weird, what is it supposed to convey? why would a he hold his hand out like that?
    - the face under the visor looks sunburnt :D