back Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 10

The most complicated 3d model of all that I did.

  • Status: Final
  • Marcus Mravik

    Wow, this is amazing! The only things I can think of to help it out is to turn the wheel so it's parallel to the camera and maybe add alittle dirt or something... It didn't JUST come out of a car wash clearly. There would be some dirt even if just a little.

  • Simon Buz


  • Martin Edlund

    Everything about this is just awesome!


    jlampel Thx

  • crew
    Jonathan Lampel

    Extremely well done! Nice work Pavka 👏👏

  • Thibaut Bourbon

    That is some good job. Great render, congratulations!



  • Matthew Fricker

    very nice work :)

  • Peter Lagoda

    Impressive. Still Subaru is better ;)

  • eeeeejack

    It looks like real car.
    Great job!!