back Random Pig

A pig too cute not to share even in his unfinished state! Wanted to do a practice character build for fun.

This is not retopologised, UV unwrapped or properly rigged yet. I have sneaky ways of making things look more finished than they are.. The texture was painted in with vertex colours. The animation (scroll down!) was done with a mix of shape keys for the eyebrows and lattice deformation for the head.

  • Status: Work in Progress
  • Jaden Abbott

    Really nice! Oink!

  • Carolyn Perez Hemphill

    the animation is great!!

  • Mary Fazzolari

    love it !

  • quollism

    wardred thanks!

    with lattices, the mesh tends to move around like it's made of soft rubber - works for cartoonier characters like this guy., but it's super limited. if i get around to retopo and rig, it'll either be with mesh deform or using an armature

  • wardred

    Impressive character!

    I'm about to go from simply modeling - and I still have some rough spots there - to texturing, and haven't done much in the way of animating yet. First time I've seen a lattice deform instead of rigging specific bits.

    Looks like you get good motion with it though. I like in the animation that you see more than just the head move. There's some neck and shoulder in there too.

  • Bauke Post

    Very professional, looks good!