back 3D Interior Rendering for luxurious bedroom designed

To give you an idea covering our processes, software’s we use, timelines and pricing, this is a sample project of 3D Residential bedroom. The project is a luxurious bedroom designed for an affluent from Hamden, Connecticut. Typically, the price for executing such render is $575/view. It could be more or it can even be less!

Rayvat Engineering shall evaluate your requirements individually. Organized clients who can provide more information with specific notes gain via lower prices and vice versa.

The client provided us the 2D Floor Plan for the room along with 3D furniture models, space planning notes and schedule of textures and lighting particulars.

The basic 3D Modeling was carried out in Revit software, the output of which was imported into 3DS Max software with VRay plugin. Upto this stage, it took 4 business days. Post-production takes approx 3-4 days for an image of this quality.

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