back Rhino

This is my first finished model after many tutorials. I am not 100% happy with the result but I'm getting more confident with the workflow. I don't know anything about retopo yet, so it's made with dyntopo+procedural texture.first time use bones and rendered animation. I will leave it as it is and go to the next project to improve.
Hope you like it! All comments and critics welcome.

Original concept by Eran Alboher

  • Status: Final
  • Roland Kiss

    Ohh Thanks Man!!! It's so funny! :) I follow you on YouTube! I've watched your videos for this project to help me out... You are great!

  • Sebastian Cavazzoli

    Wow this is awesome!! Loved it!

  • Roland Kiss

    Thank you Michal! Good to hear you like it :) To be honest, I was struggling with the polishing work, wasting to much time on it and also some parts of the main shape is off(legs). The texture nodes are really chaotic and I was lost at the end, so I tried to compensate with the lighting.
    By the way your Lunar project is amazing!

    And Gosh! Staff picked!? Thank you! Never thought... :)

  • Michal Zisman

    * just now saw you said that you're "NOT 100% happy..." Well, I still think it's great :)

  • Michal Zisman

    Yes, this is definitely a project you can be 100% happy with, like you said. It's polished and looks great! Very good expression on the rhino's face!