back The Mad Professors Ride

A rework from an older project of mine, while looking back through my portfolio i realized it could take alot of improvement so i have spent the last month rebuilding and improving.

The idea was to imagine what would happen if F1 / Jet racing was open not only to the rich but to anyone who could fabercobble together somthing in their shed. So this is what happens when a mad professor sums up the courage to make an entry.

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  • Status: Final
  • gfjarvis3

    Impressive. The level of detail is amazing. Great work all around. How did you research this project?

  • Julian B

    I love the details

  • watermelonmo

    beautiful model! i like the lighting coming from the inside of the vehicle too

  • Renee Allen

    Lots of detail to much to look at and take in. Well done.

  • Ruairidh MacNeill

    ppsychofreak321 thank you, im not to sure as all the ropes and bolts etc are modeled, was pushing 24gb of ram just to get the render started

  • Tobias Just

    Wow, that looks amazing. I don't know why, but I love rendered 3D-Models using just a white material so you can see the shades. It looks very smoot and detailed. How many polygons does this model have?

  • Matt Dickun

    You'd have to look at it for awhile to see all the fine details, nice work.

  • Ataru

    The level of detail is absolutely insane! Truly a master piece :)

  • Forrest Harless

    rrooboy3d Very clever work! As much can be said for the ability to work efficiently as can be said about attention to detail and this is a very accomplished model! Once again, great work!!

  • Ruairidh MacNeill

    forrest-harless yeeh it took a while, but theres lits of repetition going on. Just instance clone chunks to quickly edit to break symmetry