back An overgrown pond

After looking at cars for a month, I decided that a change of environment was in order. It was originally intended as a backdrop for an animation (of a frog jumping around while it rains) but it would take far too long to render. So I created a still image while I wait for Blender 2.8 to come out...

Created with Blender and Substance Painter, using assets from Grass Essentials and
Blog post:

  • Status: Final
  • Palo Piktor

    This is looking so awesome.

  • Simon Buz

    Very nice!

  • Gourav Sharma

    Great work! 👌

  • crew
    Kent Trammell

    Very cool - Love the breakdown 👍

  • crew
    Pavla Karon

    Awesome work! Love that you are trying something new.

  • Jere Haapaharju

    Very beautiful scene