back Primitive well

Created as a homework submission for "Mesh Modeling Bootcamp". It is only made of primitives, which were textured in Substance Painter (starting to get the hang of things... a little).

Blog post:

  • Status: Final
  • crew
    Jonathan Lampel

    Nice work Katerina, I don't think any of the other submissions used textures so this one definitely stands out!

    You could use booleans for the hole, but whether or not that's cheating is up to you 😄

  • larryk

    I love how you have done the roof. It looks really good!

  • Katerina Novakova

    wardred Thank you :-) It bothers me too. But since we couldn't go to Edit mode (while modeling) I tried experimenting with torus on top. It didn't look very good. So now I'm pretending it is covered with concrete lid and I can sleep well again (pun potentially intended).

  • wardred

    Nice job!

    The no hole bit is bothering me, but you'd have to cheat just a little on the primitives - a 2nd cylinder and making faces for the top edge for the hole. That or get really crazy and make the wall out of cubes or something.

    I'm particularly impressed that you textured it, and the textures look really good!