back The Ghost - Halloween Contest 2013

"What is a ghost? A tragedy condemned to repeat itself time and again? An instant of pain, perhaps. Something dead which still seems to be alive. An emotion suspended in time. Like a blurred photograph. Like an insect trapped in amber. A ghost is me." (The Devil's Backbone, Guillermo del Toro)

Modeled, textured, sculpted and composited in Blender. Rendered in Cycles, post-processed in Gimp.
825k polygons.

Thank you for your attention!


  • Status: Final
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    Benyamin Alousi


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    Benyamin Alousi

    Super nice HAPPY HALLOWEEN

  • Legacy Of Wax

    I was thinking the same thing morosko2

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    Moro .

    This looks amazing! Could you render it again in 3440 x 1440 so I can use it as my wallpaper? :D

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    LJ Simpson

    Thank you for this awesome seasonal image!

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    Martin Klekner

    Love it :-)

  • Jonathan

    Fantastic Gleb! I Love it!!