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My first real attempt at modelling shoes...ok so they still need a little work, and I had to go back and fix the normals for the stitching. I had exported the normals as Direct X instead of Open GL so they flipped.

Why are shoes so hard to model? I don't know how many versions of these I trashed before coming up with a vaguely pleasing shape, and even now they're not perfect...

Modeled in Blender , textures Substance Painter, materials Blender.

  • Status: Work in Progress
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    Leo Pessoa

    Wonderful! Sara attacks again!

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    David Frazier

    I love 'em!

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    Sara (Starry)

    s shiennar Thanks! Little owl is still a work in progress - but he's almost finished, new images of him coming soon!

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    Katerina Novakova

    I think they look great. What makes them really stand out for me is the details - I love how the stitching is slightly imperfect, just like it would be on a real shoe. My second favorite piece in your portfolio (the first place stolen by the cute little owl, I'm afraid).

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