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  • Buddhist meditation hall

This is an unfinished project.
I would appreciate some feedback so i can finish it.
At this current state... i dunno, dont end to like it. I know there is something wrong, maybe the marble "stair like thing", the lighting...


Form The architecture academy:

Flowers - Andrew Price

From Blender Swap

Amitabha statue - Hung7

Sockets and switches - KarelZe

Candle with Cycles/Blender with Subsurface Scattering and Fire - Peterling

  • Status: Work in Progress
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    Alejandro Galán

    jlampel A big big Thank You Jonathan!

  • Largecrew
    Jonathan Lampel

    Looks like you're off to a good start! For improvements, try breaking up the marble into tiles (it's unlikely they'd have slabs so big), inverting the bump on the wall (looks like the grout is going in the wrong direction), making the ceiling a material that fits the clean style a bit more, and adding textures to the trim. You could also try placing one of those thin paper walls behind the statue to diffuse the light from the window and make it so that the outside light isn't dominating the composition.