back Vacant Gate

A 3 week long project I started for the purpose of creating better 3d envioments, when creating the scene I learned alot about material usages in both substance painter and designer and also lighting and compositing tricks and techniqes on photoshop. This is the final outcome and I hope to do more scenes like this in the future!

  • Status: Final
  • wardred

    Very Blade Runner / Altered carbon. The smog really mutes some of the colors. The reds seem to have a pink or purple tint. I wonder if there isn't a way to get some of the colors. I wonder if there's a way to make closer to pop more and the smog to be denser further back. I always like the electric feeling of a clearer Tokyo or New York block.

    I almost took this as a 2D painting until I scrolled down. That is an awful lot of detail. Very nicely done. Gritty is probably the point, so don't worry too much to my color comments.

  • Arian Shamil

    Amazing work! Really an awesome project!!!

  • Vertexpolyfort

    aanarchymedes it wouldn't really make sense to just throw in agent smiths or characters for blade runner because its a sci-fi styled scene. The whole point of this project was to get better at building world environments which is why there are no characters around.
    thanks for the tips though!

  • anarchymedes

    Would be nice to have a few Agent Smiths or Bladerunners (or both - why not?) in the middle of it, in action. It's a wonderful background - but for what?