back Cobra Sculpt

Blocked out using Blender and dynamic topology. Quick remeshing with Zbrush and Zremesher. Detail sculpted with Blender's multires modifier and VBO's enabled in User Preferences. This makes multires sculpting much more efficient!

  • Status: Final
  • Largecrew
    Kent Trammell

    Thanks pphiliplilkaer! I wrote up a process blurb in the description (above comments)

  • philiplilkaer

    im speechless goodjob how did you sculpt this ?

  • tommy-bonte

    Impressive! Really nice modeling!

  • Valerio Malanga

    Good sculpt. It is realistic.

  • Largecrew
    Kent Trammell

    Thank you, Davin! :)

  • davincheaney

    I love this sculpt. I realy like the cntrast you bring out between the hardness of the scales, and the soft fleshy areas inside the mouth.


  • Largecrew
    Kent Trammell

    Probably around 8-10 hours total.

  • hamstadini

    How long did it take?

  • Quentin Steinke

    Cool! Thanks for sharing.

  • Largecrew
    Kent Trammell

    Both actually - A tileable brush texture first, but that looked too procedural, so I went back and retouched each one. Twas exhausting!