back King Pin

Asset for my demo reel. Based on the character from the Daredevil film.

  • Status: Final
  • crew
    Kent Trammell

    ullreym Actually I'd bet it would print quite well. It would require typical 3D prep work like union-booleaning everything together and making it all water-tight. Possibly hollowing it out depending on the scale of the print.

  • Matthew Ullrey

    How well do you think this one would survive the 3D printing process? Exquisite likeness to the late Mr. Duncan.

  • Forrest Harless

    This is incredible work!!

  • Carlos Loya

    Amazing!!!! I love it!

  • Christian Biever

    Very Nice! Love it, with all the details.

  • crew
    Kent Trammell

    cleverthings That's some really positive feedback - thanks! 🙇🏻

  • Gary Wright II

    I have no idea how you not only got the cut of that suit perfect, but you got it to lay exactly right on his body (the slack around his shoes) - which is hard enough to do in real life. The placement and spacing of the fingers, tilt of the head, and facial expressions are perfect and life-like. Incredible work!

  • David Frazier

    Amazing! He looks like Tiny Zeus Lester (aka "Debo").

  • cgimaster

    Nice detail. I love the suit. ILM should hire you (no offense).