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This was my first character project in Blender as a way to push the app and prove to myself its competency as a hi-res modeling package, texture-painting solution, render engine, and compositor. Its definitely not picture-perfect but the result more than satisfied my curiosity about Blender's capabilities: the problems with the image are due to the artist, not the software!

  • Status: Final
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    Marius Bruzas

    It does look a bit like Liam! Great work. I wish to be as good as this artist!

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    Alexander Rengel

    This guy reminds me of Liam Neeson. Great work!

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    Great work!

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    Joseph Stout

    Looks fantastic!

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    Alldaron Knewitz


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    Kent Trammell

    l leonelmv It took me about a week if I remember ~40 hrs.

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    Leonel Vazquez

    Excelent!!! GOOD WORK! how much time will cost this work? :D

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    Kent Trammell

    ajrengel Heh thanks! Mission accomplished then :)

    s sanmn19 Thanks! The textures aren't high enough resolution, especially for the skin and in general the photorealism isn't that great. I've learned more since making the image that would improve it. Thnanks for the comment!

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    Sandeep Nadig

    This is fantastic! I'm curious why you say there are problems in the image. Can you please tell what mistakes you see with the model? Asking it so that I can learn from your acute observational skills.

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