back Mr. Neeson

This was my first character project in Blender as a way to push the app and prove to myself its competency as a hi-res modeling package, texture-painting solution, render engine, and compositor. Its definitely not picture-perfect but the result more than satisfied my curiosity about Blender's capabilities: the problems with the image are due to the artist, not the software!

  • Status: Final
  • Largecrew
    Kent Trammell

    ddreamingofmakinggameswhilebeinganeconomist Blender is certainly one of the rare examples of opensource potential. It's pretty amazing.

  • Serhii Poklonskyi

    Love the model and love Blender. Free for all and powerful as hell. Feels almost like a piece of utopian future in our commercialized age.

  • saif-farid


  • Marius Bruzas

    It does look a bit like Liam! Great work. I wish to be as good as this artist!

  • Large
    Alexander Rengel

    This guy reminds me of Liam Neeson. Great work!

  • stevh90

    Great work!

  • Joseph Stout

    Looks fantastic!

  • Alldaron Knewitz


  • Largecrew
    Kent Trammell

    lleonelmv It took me about a week if I remember ~40 hrs.

  • Leonel Vazquez

    Excelent!!! GOOD WORK! how much time will cost this work? :D