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Took a break from a larger piece I'm working on and watched "Korkoro". I decided to draw the kid from the cast but with actual traditional pencils instead of mechanical as a challenge!

  • Status: Final
  • yaro-poop-kin

    Oh, sh*t. It's a boy...

  • yaro-poop-kin

    Caught myself to occasionally look at this one. I love this picture. May be because the girl reminds me someone I used to know.

  • Stanley Leland

    I barely remember an eastern philosophy artist whose stated goal was to capture the essence of form within a single line. The complexity of simplicity. ;)

  • Derek Prijatelj

    You know, there is something special about simplicity, in my opinion, particularly found in traditional art. This simplicity can allow the art to speak louder than more detailed and complex works. I feel that it sometimes allows the art to carry more raw emotion.

    I like this piece because its simple and through this simplicity and traditional medium it creates a dreamy and pure feeling. Its hard to describe and perhaps I sound foolish, but in the end I find this piece to be enchanting. Well done.

    As a side note, an artist whose work made me find this pure, raw simplicity to be enchanting and captivating was Ernest Howard Shepard. He was the illustrator for Winnie-The-Pooh by A. A. Milne, and the children's book I have with his art is charming in its simplicity. I believe he used pen and ink with water colors. It created something magical and pure. This is a style of artwork that I hope to be able create. Take look online at his stuff, perhaps it will inspire you too, or at least you will see what I mean by simplicity being enchanting.

  • Tim Von Rueden

    That's great to hear, glad to hear you're feeling inspired to draw again!

  • Forrest Harless

    Great work!
    I've been far too long in my absence from my beloved sketchbook!You've inspired me to pick it back up!!

  • Tim Von Rueden

    haha i noticed that after I posted the picture but I left it as a reminder to NEVER put 15 again, gotta remember it's a new year =]

  • Stanley Leland

    Simply lovely.

  • Mark Smith

    you are very much becoming a master in your drawing skills...
    but maybe you should pay more attention to the time?