back Rugged Revolver Exercise

My interpretation of the rugged revolver.
Sometimes I jumped ahead and tried making my own decisions.
I ended up without some important boundary loops.

  • Status: Final
  • wardred

    jlampel Thanks Jonathan. I'm happy enough with it to move on.

    If it were something somebody else would use in a project I'd definitely be doing some cleanup.

    I need to use the + button more on my saves, and really refrain from doing detail work until I'm happy with the blocking out.

  • wardred

    baukepost Thanks. Yeah I definitely needed to make the screws a separate object.

  • crew
    Jonathan Lampel

    Nice result wardred , and good for you for jumping ahead and doing things on your own! That's a good way to learn.

  • Bauke Post

    One big thing you could improve is making the screws another object. Now the geometry of the entire handle is being affected by the tiny detail.

  • wardred

    If I were going to redo anything, I think I'd pick the handle.

    I might make the screws a separate object, and I'd definitely fix the puckering around the screw holes.