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Hi there.. I want to share my latest work. Wonder Woman

Presentation Video:

Studio/Client: Character, Fantasy, Fan Art
Software: Blender, Photoshop
Textures Resource:
- Modelling
- Sculpting
- Texturing
- Shading
- Rendering
When: August 2017
Inspired from Wonder Woman by William Moulton Marston and the new DCEU Wonder Woman Film. I decided to create 3D fan art using Blender for modelling, sculpting, shading, and rendering. PS for painting the base texture and compositing. And Poliigon for further texturing. This project was intended to learn more about human anatomy, hardsurface modelling, and leather sculpting. Learn a lot from this project. :)

Artstation Link:

My website:

  • Status: Final
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    absolut fantastic!

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    Jonathan Lampel

    Wow, this turned out really well. Excellent work from topology, anatomy, textures, to lighting - nailed it!

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    Yuditya Afandi

    3dbigsel Thank you!

  • b

    Amazing piece of work, Yuditya!
    I remember commenting one of your projects a while ago and it seems, you made huge progress over those few months.
    I am very impressed - This looks just perfect. Love it!

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    Thomas Koch

    Very impressive work! Really well done, in every aspect. Excellent modeling, shader work, lighting etc. Nice presentation video too.
    Inspiring work!

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    Yuditya Afandi

    jlampel Thank you so much..

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    Yuditya Afandi

    b bun-bun Thank you so much.. yeah i really passionate in modelling

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    Yuditya Afandi

    s specialfx Thank you so much

  • m

    Awsome work! Keep it up! :D

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